Responsible Travel

From your side, traveling to a country is not only to explore the beauty of culture, history and traditions of that country but also to contribute to the protection of the environment, to create jobs for indigenous people and to help people with difficulties.


  • Environmental conservation: small actions that brings great value such as garbage collection, communicating with people in remote areas on the harmful effects of environmental pollution, not littering... If you travel with a small children, these actions are really valuable lessons about moral and spiritual values for them


  • Creating jobs for indigenous people: your travelling is the direct support to indigenous people, they are probably orphans working in restaurants, cyclo drivers or oarsman ...


  • Helping people in difficulties: before you go for tours, we will always ask you if you want to engage in a specific action to help specific audiences (orphans, war victims, the homeless elderly...). If you are interested in this offer then what you need is to give a small amount donation. Together with Dragon Travels fund we will buy gifts or food to help these people. Or you can also bring them gifts from your country such as old clothes, pens, books, candy, ...


From our side, we'll try our best to create good value and support the community more and more through our works. Our specific actions are:


  • Helping the poor: 2-3 annual trips organized to disadvantaged areas of the country to provide people with food and clothing, stationery..., to give them some training on diseases prevention and to teach children some skills for better learning.


  • Creating jobs for the people: we will continuously create the unique tourism products in localities across the country to create jobs for local people. We’ll give people trainings to become professional workers in tourism. Through their works, foreign visitors will have a positive look on people across the country of Vietnam.


  • Adding special services to the tour: we will add in each tour the services that support disadvantaged subjects, for example, including meals in restaurants in which street children trained to become professional workers.


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