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Who are we ? 
At the early start, Dragon Travel was a small tour operator for individual travellers to visit Viet Nam . Dragon Travel has been rapidly growing with the expension of its activities over the border of Viet Nam to Asean Countries especially Laos and Cambodia . Based in Ha Noi, the capital City of Viet Nam, we also have agents in Ho Chi Minh City , Da Nang , Phnompenh, Seam Riep and Vientiane . With our Website, it would be an useful sources of information for anyone seeking travel planning experience on Mekong River and The Red River region. At Dragon Travel, we fully realize that the importance of the human touch as well as customers' anticipation of quick response, therefore we equip our Head Office with modern communication system which allow us to response to all your requirements and bookings within 24 hours. Moreover, we wish to provide as many other information, tools, useful links, communication and assitance to make clients visit our Website with trouble-free as possible.

What make us special ? 
Dragon Travel is also a dynamic tour operator continually developing and venturing into the areas that other tour operators prefer to stay from. This Website we would like to provide exciting and enjoinable trip ranking from easy tours to challenging activities and all focusing in depth on culture, history, wildlife, cuisine as well as the landscapes of Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia that are generally quite different from your own. Based on different hotel categories running from Standard to Deluxe products, it will give travellers a diverse background and interesting numerous tours to choose from. At every trip, we ensure the well-paced itinerary, safe transportation, well-located hotels and the informative, helpful and friendly tourguides. In Addition, our considered package tours will surely bring you a good balance between adventure and comfort, exploration and relaxation.

What is our quality ? 
At Dragon Travel, we fully realize that our success is dependent on customers' satifaction, so we are developing the bussiness in our way with a sincere commitment to over the quality. This means that we undertake everything within our power and control to exceed clients's expectation in term of quality and value. We analyze daily clients' expenses and review from the hotels and tours to make sure that we offer the highest quality and the most competitive products.

Finally, the experience, knowledge and professionalism have been playing an important role in building up the reputation for Dragon Travel. At every opportunity, we aim to share our experience with those who wish to to discover all the aspects of Viet Nam , Laos and Cambodia .

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